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Using ZenLedger is easy! Our navigation tabs at the top of the page will help you get to wherever you want within our software.

The Dashboard tab is the main page of your account. It shows you a general overview of where your account is currently at. From this page you can see an overview of your holdings, a brief view of your crypto taxes, and information about your import history.

The Import tab is next. This will bring you to the Import page to see the sources you have already imported and it is where you can add new imports to your account.

Next is the Transactions tab. This brings you to the Transactions page where you can review all the transactions imported into your account. Please note, that we have two UI's in which you can view this page - Legacy UI and New UI. The New UI is the best to use when you are trying to edit any of your transactions.

The Tax tab is where you can view and download your tax forms, see your total proceeds, cost basis, and capital gains, and review your taxable income. If there are any missing sources, the software will prompt you to ‘Resolve Issues’. On this page, you can review all of your tax details before you download your forms to ensure all the information is correct.

The Holdings tab will allow you to view all of the cryptocurrency you have imported into ZenLedger, broken down by the account it is held in, the amount you hold, and the token's current value.

The Tax Pro tab allows you to add your tax Professional to your account if you already have one, OR you can work with a trusted Tax Professional Firm that we connect you with who work with you to help you complete and file your taxes. Check out our Tax Pro Article for more information about these options.

The Support tab will take you to our Help Center where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Here you will find all of our support articles and it’s the quickest way to find an answer to most questions or concerns. We highly recommend browsing through these articles while using ZenLedger!

The Upgrade tab allows you to purchase upcoming or prior years as well as upgrade your existing plan (if necessary). Please note that the current year is pre-selected as it is the default.

The Gear tab in the upper right corner of the page will allow you to navigate to your Settings menu, your Billing menu, and all of our Support articles. You can also sign out of your account from here as well.

We hope this article was helpful for you in navigating your ZenLedger account. Please reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions!

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