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Using ZenLedger is easy! Our navigation tabs at the top of the page will help you get to wherever you want within our software.

The Dashboard tab is the main page of your account. It shows you where you last left off in the process, and if you are done importing everything, it will show your reports.

The Imports tab is where you'll find what you have already imported, and also where you can import more cryptocurrency accounts.

When you select Imported History, you will see all of your accounts imported here, and when they were last imported.

When you select Transactions, you will see all of the transactions that you have imported. You can use the drop-downs and fillable boxes to filter through if you are looking for a specific token or account.

When you select Add Account, you will then be able to import more wallets and exchanges if you have more to import.

The Taxes tab is where you can view and download your tax forms, see your total proceeds, cost basis, and capital gains, and review your taxable income. If there are any missing sources, the software will prompt you to ‘Resolve Issues’. In this tab, you will review all of your tax details before you download your forms to ensure all information is correct.

The Holdings tab will allow you to view all of the cryptocurrency you have imported into ZenLedger, broken down by the account it is held in, the amount you hold, and the token's value.

The Tax Pro tab allows you to add your tax Professional to your account if you already have one, OR you can work with a trusted Tax Professional Firm that will help you complete your taxes.

If you select to have your taxes done for you and click ‘Continue’ on the left-hand side of the screen, you will be brought to the Tax professional Prepared Plans we offer.

If you already have a Tax professional but would like to link them to your account with ZenLedger, you can select "Invite Your Tax Pro", and will be brought to a screen to enter their information and send them an invitation. Once they accept the invite, they have access to your account.

The Support tab will take you to our Help Center where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Here you will find all of our support articles and it’s the quickest way to find an answer to most questions or concerns.

By clicking on Choose Plan, you can purchase upcoming or prior years as well as upgrade your existing plan. Please note that the current year is pre-selected as it is the default.

Your User Icon on the top right-hand corner of the page will allow you to see your Settings menu, Billing menu, and all of our Support articles. You can also sign out of your account from here as well.

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