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Troubleshooting: Insufficient Balance Warnings
Troubleshooting: Insufficient Balance Warnings

What does an Insufficient Balance error mean & how do I fix it?

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What is an Insufficient Balance Error?

Insufficient Balance errors indicate that some outgoing transactions (e.g. sell, trade, transfer) are missing basis from an incoming transaction (e.g. investment, gift, income). This is typically due to a missing transaction(s). If there are many of these errors it may be the case that there are one or more missing sources that you haven't yet imported into your account, which results in multiple transactions with missing basis.

Why does it matter?

To produce accurate tax reports, it's essential to provide ALL transactions since your very first crypto transaction and to pair them appropriately (especially self-transfers).

Missing basis on a cryptocurrency transaction or mismatched sides of a self-transfer could drastically change your tax outcome, and it will result in materially incorrect tax reports. For more on this, read Do I Need To Upload All Transactions?

How to view your insufficient balance errors?

Step 1: Navigate to the Transactions page.

Step 2: Click on the second drop-down menu filter from the left which says All and choose Insufficient Balance to review your Insufficient Balance transactions.


  • We recommend viewing the earliest Insufficient Balance errors first. Sometimes if the earlier issues are resolved by adding a missing source or transaction, it can subsequently resolve later issues as well that were stemming from the same missing transaction(s).

How do I fix Insufficient Balance errors?

Insufficient Balance errors can have many causes, so it's important to explore each relevant potential cause and solution until all of the errors are cleared.

Duplicate Outgoing Transactions:

In this case, all of the incoming transactions are correctly paired with outgoing transactions, but each or some outgoing transaction are entered twice, leaving some of them without a match.

The system does not import duplicates when it can identify them, but details like the timestamp might be different by a few seconds, one value might have fewer decimal places, or the duplicate transactions might come from two different sources (CSV upload also imported by API), so the software may not always detect duplicate transactions.

Check out our Duplicate Transactions Article for more information on how to avoid and resolve duplicate transactions.

Missing Deposits: 

Sometimes an exchange (like Bittrex) requires multiple uploads to provide a complete picture. When investigating the potential cause of Insufficient Balance, it is important to review if you have a missing deposit transaction(s) in one or more of your imported sources:

  • Check the detailed table at the bottom of the Imported History page. 

  • Confirm that each exchange or wallet has at least 1 non-zero number in the Deposit column.

  • If the deposit column values are ALL 0, refresh the API connection, re-sync the wallet, and check the CSV files that you imported. It is essential that every transaction from every wallet or exchange you have used in your entire crypto history is imported into ZenLedger to avoid Insufficient Balances due to early missing deposits, amongst other reasons.

Other potential causes of Insufficient Balance errors:

  • Manual transaction is not assigned to an appropriate Exchange so the software cannot pair it with the correct corresponding transaction as a Self-Transfer.

  • Inaccurate transaction type selected (Incoming vs Incoming Self-Transfer). See our Mark Self-Transfers Article for more information on this.

  • An Exchange or Wallet is missing completely from your imports. Please make sure all sources are imported.

We advise the following before contacting support for assistance:

  1. Do you have 100% of wallets and exchanges uploaded? Have you checked to make sure you can find the actual transactions you expect to see and verify that they are in but not matching up?

  2. Check date stamps - This is the #2 cause of things not matching up after not having all sources uploaded, the "receive" should be at least a second or two after the "send".

  3. If you have already put in manual self-transfers, duplicates might have occurred. Please make sure not to put any manual self-transfers in until you have imported all sources and checked datestamps!

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