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Collaborating with a Tax Professional
Collaborating with a Tax Professional

Invite your own Tax Professional or find a new one! We make working together easier than ever.

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If you don't want to organize your cryptocurrency taxes on your own, ZenLedger offers two ways to work with a Tax Professional on preparing your tax forms for crypto holdings. Read on for more information on these two options.

Option 1: Work With a Tax Firm We Trust

It may be the case that your current tax preparer is not well-versed in the oftentimes complex world of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency taxation. In this case, we recommend working with a Tax Professional or Tax Attorney who understands the industry.

With our Tax Professional Plan, you can have your return prepared for you by a qualified crypto expert. This is a more hands-off approach for you and is great for anyone who likes to delegate or doesn't have the time to tackle their cryptocurrency taxes alone.

Follow these steps to work with a firm we trust:

Step 1: Along the top menu, navigate to Tax Pro.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, click Continue.

Step 3: Select between the different tax professional plans we offer. Check out our Tax Professional Plan article to learn more about these plans.

Step 4: Once you have selected the Tax Professional Plan you would like, you can follow the instructions to complete the purchase, and our team will introduce you to your tax professional within 24 hours to get started!

Note: Pictured rates are current up to June 2024.

Option 2: Invite your current Tax Professional to ZenLedger

If you have a CPA you know and trust to assist you with your taxes, they can work with you on your cryptocurrency taxes directly in your ZenLedger account.

Follow these steps to invite your existing Tax Professional to access your ZenLedger account:

Step 1: Along the top menu in your account, navigate to Tax Pro.

Step 2: On the right-hand side, click Invite Your Tax Pro.

Step 3: Enter your Tax Professional's full name and email address and click Send Invitation. You can also add an optional note to your Tax Pro here.


  • The invitation is pending until the Tax professional accepts.

  • After they have created an account, you can invite them by following the steps above.

Follow these steps if you are a Tax Professional and want to invite your client to give you access to their ZenLedger account:

Step 1: After logging into your account, click Add Clients.

Step 2: Add your clients' details and choose which Account Type you'd like. We recommend a Shared Account so you and your client can access the account. Once your client accepts the invitation, you'll be connected!

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