In this often uncertain world of cryptocurrencies, ZenLedger believes in the buddy system. Approaching cryptocurrency taxation alone can be both daunting and stressful, so "phone a friend" for help.

There are two ways to work with a Tax Professional on preparing your tax forms for crypto holdings:

1. Invite your current Tax Professional to ZenLedger

We support and encourage collaboration. In fact, working together has never been easier. Follow these steps to invite your existing Tax Professional to access your ZenLedger crypto tax account:

  • Along the top menu, navigate to Tax Pro.

  • On the right hand side, click Invite Your Tax Pro.

  • Enter your Tax Professional's full name and email address. Add an optional note.

  • The invitation is pending until the Tax professional accepts.

Looking for a Tax Professional who understands cryptocurrency, or want to learn more about the options to work with a Tax Professional? Read more here.

If your tax professional has not created an account yet, they can create a free professional account here:

After they have created an account, you can invite them by following the steps above.

If you are tax professional and want to invite your client please follow these steps below:

  • After logging into your account, click ‘Add Customer.’

  • Add your clients details and wait for them to accept the invitation!

2. Work with a firm we trust 

If your current tax preparer returns a blank look when you say "fiat," it may be time to call in backup.

  • We recommend a Tax Professional or Tax Attorney who understands the industry

  • Have your return prepared for you by a qualified crypto-expert

  • Very hands-off approach for you; great for anyone who likes to delegate

Follow these steps to work with a firm we trust:

  • Along the top menu, navigate to Tax Pro.

  • On the left hand side, click Continue.

  • You can select between the different tax professional packages you prefer.

(pictured rates current as of November 2022)

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