One of the most unique, helpful features of ZenLedger is our Grand Unified Accounting (GUA) tool. Grand Unified Accounting is the detailed summary of all of your transactions and tax liability; It’s based on every transaction you’ve uploaded as well as the options you’ve selected.

Your transaction dates, amounts, coins, and exchanges will be listed on the GUA, and you can make edits there if needed. If you need to troubleshoot, or your tax numbers are incorrect, your GUA is a great tool for fixing your reports. You can also share your Grand Unified Accounting (GUA) with your CPA for further verification, or verify ZenLedger’s output yourself.

Our GUA tool allows you to easily view:

  • Your long-term and short-term capital gains in your preferred accounting method

  • Your incoming/outgoing transfers

  • Errors or items that need to be reviewed

  • Your final results

  • The following tabs: Result, Buy, Sell, Trade, Incoming, Outgoing, Self-Transfer, 8949, and Errors.

Here’s a walkthrough of how to view your GUA in Zenledger:

First click on Taxes in the topline menu

Once you’re on the Taxes page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Utilities section and click on Unified Accounting

You are now at the Grand Unified Accounting Page where you can either re-run your GUA if you’ve updated your transactions recently or download an excel spreadsheet of your GUA

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