The Resolution Center workflow in ZenLedger helps you to identify missing wallets and exchanges, and helps you resolve probable self-transfers. To complete your reports, you'll be guided to finish importing your transactions, categorizing any that aren't automatically reconciled, and reconciling self-transfers. To receive accurate tax reports, you must import all of your wallets or exchanges. The Resolution Center workflow helps you get everything imported.

For a guided walkthrough, please see below:

How to use the Resolution Workflow to fix import issues

Once you have finished importing all of your data, you can run your reports for the first time. You will then choose an accounting method (FIFO is recommended) and get taken to the Reports page. If you have any issues that need to be resolved, you will see a notice at the top of the Reports page as well as above any report that is inaccurate because of missing data.

After you click on the Resolve Issues button, you will then see the the Probable Missing Sources for Transactions page:

  • Add Account: Click this button to go back to the Wallets/Import page to import more transactions. You will do this until you are finished importing all exchanges and wallets that you have used in cryptocurrency trading.

  • Issue: Hover over the triangle icon to see a more detailed explanation of the problem our system has detected with the transaction

  • Transaction Type: This option allows you to mark transactions as gifts, payments, interest/dividends, or ICO (incoming), lost or stolen (outgoing), staking, or other transaction types.

  • View in Context: This allows you to see the other transactions that happened before and after the transaction that needs resolution. This will help you determine what transactions you might be missing so you can import them or make adjustments based on the transactions that happened around the same time.

  • Actions: This allows you to delete or edit the transaction on the fly, and save the edits, rather than having to go back to the transactions list to edit individual problem transactions.

You may also see the following labels:

Missing Receiving Source: If you are seeing this warning, that means there is no receiving source, which means we see the transaction left the wallet or exchange, but we do not know where it went. Was this cryptocurrency sold? Gifted to someone? Or have you not yet imported a wallet or exchange? You can mark the transaction, or you can import more data.

Missing Purchase History: If you are seeing this warning, that means there is no originating source, which means we are missing where the transaction originally came from. You’ll either need to import more data or determine where this transaction came from and add it manually.

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