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Fixing Issues: Incoming, Outgoing, Missing Price
Fixing Issues: Incoming, Outgoing, Missing Price
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Some troubleshooting steps for frequently occurring issues in your transactions and tax reports are explained in this article.

First, you can always ask us for help by opening up the chat dialogue box on the bottom right or emailing us at [email protected]. We're happy to help. 

Here are a few tips-

1. Make Sure all of your Transactions are Uploaded

Before worrying about your capital gains numbers or taxable events, please first make sure that all of your exchange and wallet transactions are loaded into the system. That is the first and most important step.

You will need to import all of your transactions starting from the very first transactions.

2. Edit a Transaction

You can edit/correct a transaction by going to the "Transaction Tab".

Then find the transaction you want to edit. Click on the edit option (⋮)/ vertical ellipsis to the right of the transaction, and you can make edits.

You may want to change them to a "Buy" or "Self Transfer".

3. Missing Price

Many tokens whose value is mapped as 0 dollars are left in the Missing Price section by the software. You can go to Transaction > Warnings > Missing Price to find those transactions.

In this case, you can edit and put the USD equivalent of the token manually. If you see a lot of random coins in here that need USD prices, you can likely ignore these as they are airdrops that are now worthless.

However, if you see a BCH fork in there, that is likely to impact your taxes and you should fix errors like that.

4. Check the Grand Unified Accounting Spreadsheet

Our grand unified accounting spreadsheet offers a lot of transparency into your transactions.

A useful way to troubleshoot is to go to the "Incoming" or "Outgoing" tabs (look at the bottom of the spreadsheet) and see what transactions are listed there.

If you see any that you would like to edit, you can see the date, amount, coin, and exchange for the transaction.

Use that to find the transaction in the Transactions tab of the app and make your edits.

Please refer to this article related to troubleshooting Sell-Without Buy.

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