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Fixing Issues: Incoming, Outgoing, Missing Price
Fixing Issues: Incoming, Outgoing, Missing Price

Learn how to fix some of the common issues that may arise in your ZenLedger account.

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This article goes over troubleshooting steps for frequently occurring issues in your transactions and tax reports. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, you can always reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance!

Tips for Fixing Issues in your Account:

1. Make Sure all of your Transactions are Uploaded

Before worrying about your capital gains numbers or taxable events, please first make sure that all of your exchange and wallet transactions are loaded into the system. That is the first and most important step before looking at any of your tax numbers. They will not be accurate until all of your crypto transactions are imported. Please check out this article for more information: Do I Need to Upload All of my Transactions?

2. Edit a Transaction

You can edit/correct a transaction by going to the Transaction tab.

Then find the transaction you want to edit. Click on the edit option (⋮) to the right of the transaction, and you can make edits.

An example situation where you may need to Edit a transaction is if you have a transaction that is marked as Outgoing, but it was actually a token leaving for Staking Lockup. In that case you would want to Edit it to be a Staking Lockup transaction. Bulk Edit is only available for marking transactions as Ignore.

3. Check for Missing Prices

Many tokens whose value are imported as 0 USD are left in the Missing Price section by the software. You can go to Transaction tab > Missing Price (second filter box to the right) to find those transactions.

Note: You can use the toggle in the upper right corner of the transaction page to use the New UI or the Legacy UI. You can use whichever UI you prefer and toggle back and forth, as both will show the same missing price transactions and allow you to Edit them. Below we show screenshots from the New UI.

You can edit and put the USD equivalent of the token manually by Editing the transactions. If you see a lot of random coins in here that need USD prices, you can likely Ignore these as they are airdrops that are now worthless and will not have a taxable impact. Since their value is 0 USD you can also simply leave them as they are.

However, if you see a fork in there (BCH, for example), that is likely to impact your taxes and you should fix errors like that. For step-by-step instructions on this check out our Resolve Missing Price Transactions Article.

4. Check the Grand Unified Accounting Spreadsheet

Our Grand Unified Accounting (GUA) spreadsheet offers a lot of transparency into your transactions. A useful way to troubleshoot is to go to the "Incoming" or "Outgoing" tabs (look at the bottom of the spreadsheet) in the GUA and see what transactions are listed there.

If you see any that you would like to edit, you can see the date, amount, coin, and exchange for the transaction. Use that to find the transaction in the Transactions tab of the app and make your edits.


  • Please refer to our Insufficient Balance Article for information on troubleshooting those types of issues that may be showing up in your Resolution Center.

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