How do I remove duplicates?
If you find duplicates, you can remove them either at the source, or individually.
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After importing, you may find that you've duplicated some information. While we auto-detect and de-duplicate API imports and check for most common duplications such as the same wallet addresses, sometimes duplicates creep in when using custom CSVs or manual entries and then importing the source directly.

Additionally, some exchanges change things like decimal places and timestamps when reporting year over year. We try to catch these in the software, but inevitably duplicates pop up.

How do I resolve duplicates?

There are two ways to resolve duplicated transactions.

  1. Delete the duplicated file in Holdings Tab by deleting the file or API upload that contains the duplicate. This is the best option when there are multiple transactions from the same source that should be deleted.

  2. Delete the duplicated transactions in your Transactions Tab. This is best for when there are only a few duplicate transactions.

The video below shows you how to do both of these techniques to resolve duplicates. If you have questions, please reach out by using the chat button to the lower right of your screen.

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