Trezor Wallet Import

How to export CSVs to import your Trezor HD wallet into ZenLedger.

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Step-by-Step Instructions to export Trezor CSV:

Step 1: Click here and log into your Trezor Online Wallet.

Step 2: Go to Accounts, select the icon of the token you want to download a CSV file for.

Step 3: Scroll down to the transactions and on the right-hand side click on the 3 dots.

Step 4: Click Export a CSV.

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Step 5: Import the CSV file into ZenLedger. In ZenLedger, navigate to Imports tab, search in the Exchange list for Trezor and upload your files.


  • Make sure that the filename contains "coinname_1_serialnumber.csv" (e.g. Ethereum_1_20221229T100054.csv, Bitcoin_Cash_1_20221229T100334.csv). It should have this filename automatically when you export the CSV, so just make sure not to change that name before you import the file into ZenLedger.

  • If you purchase any coins within Trezor, you will need to change the categorization from Incoming to Buy using the dropdown arrow on the Transactions page after you have imported the transactions.

  • If your Trezor wallet is connected to the Exodus wallet and you have already imported the Exodus wallet into ZenLedger, then you will not need to import Trezor CSV. Importing from both sources will cause duplication.

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