We've put together this step-by-step video showing you how to export your Trezor Wallet with the online Trezor wallet software, to capture all of your transactions for taxes:

As a note, if you purchase any coins within Trezor, you will need to change the categorization from "Incoming" to "Buy" using the dropdown arrow.


  • Click here and log into your Trezor Online Wallet.

  • Select your first coin, and then you will select each account that you have for that particular coin (Account #1, Account #2 if applicable - see Red Square below. Each Coin/Account combo, you will do the following steps to create a CSV

  • Click on "Transactions" (Blue Circle).

  • Select "Export" and then the option "Export as CSV"

  • Make sure that the filename contains underscore(_) followed by coinname
    e.g. account#1_btc.csv, account#1_ltc.csv, account#1_dash.csv, account#1_bch.csv.

  • On ZenLedger, navigate to Exchanges > Trezor and upload your files.

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