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How do I upload wallet transactions?
How do I upload wallet transactions?

This article goes over how to import your crypto wallet addresses into ZenLedger.

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In order to import your wallet address into ZenLedger, you will need to have any public wallet addresses that you own on hand. As we are asking you to import your public wallet address, you can be sure that this is a safe and secure method of importing your wallet transactions. Don't miss the video walk-through at the end of this article!

Step-by-step instructions to import your wallet transactions:

Step 1: Navigate to the Import page.

Step 2: Search for your wallet in the search box.

Step 3: Select the blockchain your wallet address is on. Add your public wallet address and click Import.


  • If your altcoin or wallet is not listed and it is on a blockchain that we support, you can select any wallet we do support and import it there, as long as we support the blockchian.

  • If your coin/wallet is not ERC-20 or is not listed among the exchanges, wallets, or blockchains we support, you will still need to import that source by either creating a Custom CSV or using Manual Import to import the transactions involving these tokens.

Video Walk-Through:

For a full list of wallets and blockchains that we support, check out our Wallet Support article!

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