Customers that used Binance, Poloniex, and other major exchanges that have closed to customers in the United States have one thing in common - they’re not sure how to get these records to upload.

What if my exchange continues to operate, but is now closed to US traders?

Fortunately, most exchanges that have closed their main exchanges due to compliance concerns in the United States still allow their former customers to log in to retrieve records which can then be uploaded to ZenLedger.

You can click on each of these exchanges in our Import/Wallets > Exchanges tab, click on the import method that is suggested (CSV or API), and follow the instructions on the right side to get your records for import into ZenLedger.

What if my holdings are now lost due to closure?

If your exchange has closed and is no longer available, such as Cryptopia, you can mark your holdings as a loss. Find out more about how to incorporate your losses in this helpful article.

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