If you only have one entry to make, use the Manual Entry tab. However, if you have several, read on and watch our informative video!


Custom CSVs are a good way to get unsupported coins, unsupported wallets, or lost/stolen transactions into ZenLedger. If you have any questions after reading this article on when you would use a Custom CSV or manual entry, please let us know by clicking on the support chat!

Recommended editor: Microsoft Excel is NOT RECOMMENDED as it does some strange things with formatting cells, so we recommend using Google Sheets., a free CSV editing software similar to Excel and Mac Numbers.

You can always send us these files in the support chat or email to us at hello@zenledger.io if you get stuck, we're happy to help!

If you need to download a custom CSV template, you can do so here

NOTE: The video says that SEND and RECEIVE are transaction types that are for wallets or exchanges you do not own. You can, however, use these types for self-transferred transactions, or you can use OUTGOING or INCOMING. Once you import the CSV, these will match up as self-transfers or you can use the Resolution Center to match these transactions if not done automatically.

Please keep in mind:

The IN and OUT are from the perspective of the wallet or account. So if I you are making a custom csv for a wallet and you send 1 BTC to the wallet from Coinbase and then 0.5 BTC out to Binance from your wallet- you would record “ 1.0 BTC IN 0.5 BTC OUT

Timestamp, Column 1:
Must be on UTC. Put this in 24 hr time and no "AM/PM". You will have your best luck doing this in Google Sheets, which has an automatic option for the right timestamp under Format>Number>Date time (see illustration below):

Type, Column 2:
These are the only category options for Column 2. Do not enter "Gift" or "Self Transfer". You can make those changes once the CSV is uploaded.

Types: 'buy', 'receive', 'incoming', 'staking', 'fork', 'airdrop', 'payment', 'mined', 'gift received', 'initial coin offering', 'masternode'
'sell', 'send', 'outgoing', 'gift sent', 'purchase', 'lost', 'stolen'

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