If you only have one entry to make, use the Manual Entry tab. However, if you have several, read on and watch our informative video!


Custom CSVs are a good way to get unsupported coins, unsupported wallets, or lost/stolen transactions into ZenLedger. If you have any questions after reading this article on when you would use a Custom CSV or manual entry, please let us know by clicking on the support chat!

Recommended editor: Microsoft Excel is NOT RECOMMENDED as it does some strange things with formatting cells, so we recommend using Google Sheets., a free CSV editing software similar to Excel and Mac Numbers.

You can always send us these files in the support chat or email to us at hello@zenledger.io if you get stuck, we're happy to help!

If you need to download a custom CSV template, you can do so here

NOTE: The video says that SEND and RECEIVE are transaction types that are for wallets or exchanges you do not own. You can, however, use these types for self-transferred transactions, or you can use OUTGOING or INCOMING. Once you import the CSV, these will match up as self-transfers or you can use the Resolution Center to match these transactions if not done automatically.

ALSO NOTE: If your original spreadsheet from an exchange, such as Coinex, has information like transaction IDs or hashes, we do NOT NEED this. We only need the fields in the template filled out, exactly as we have described, for best results. If you need help, just click on the chat button to your lower right on the screen!

Please keep in mind:

The IN and OUT are from the perspective of the wallet or account. So if I you are making a custom csv for a wallet and you send 1 BTC to the wallet from Coinbase and then 0.5 BTC out to Binance from your wallet- you would record “ 1.0 BTC IN 0.5 BTC OUT

Timestamp, Column 1:
Must be on UTC. Put this in 24 hr time and no "AM/PM". You will have your best luck doing this in Google Sheets, which has an automatic option for the right timestamp under Format>Number>Date time (see illustration below):

Type, Column 2:
These are the only category options for Column 2. Do not enter "Gift" or "Self Transfer". You can make those changes once the CSV is uploaded.

Types: 'buy', 'sell,' 'trade,' 'receive', 'send,' 'Initial Coin Offering,' 'margin trade', 'staking', 'fork', 'airdrop', 'payment', 'mined', 'gift sent', 'fee', 'staking reward'
'dividend received', 'interest received', 'misc reward', 'margin gain', 'margin loss', 'lost', 'stolen,' 'nft_mint'

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