Ledger Wallet Import
Import Ledger wallets with Ledger Live.
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You can import Ledger Live transactions via export (preferred way) or wallet addresses. However, you should NOT do both, as it will create duplicate transactions.

How to generate a Ledger Live CSV and import it to ZenLegder?


Here is how you export your Ledger Live transactions and import to ZenLedger:

  • Download and install the Ledger Live app from here and connect to your Ledger hardware.

  • Click on Accounts on your left.

  • Select the ellipsis (...) symbol on the top right.

  • Click the Export operation history option.

  • Select all the Accounts on your device.

    The screenshots above are the courtesy of Ledger Live Support

  • Select all the Accounts on your device.

    Upload the file to ZenLedger under the Upload/Wallets tab, find Ledger Live, and upload your CSV.

How to import Ledger Live via address?

You can also import Ledger Live via wallet address. Steps-

  • Go to Imports > Add Account > Wallet Import

  • Select the appropriate coin from the Dropdown menu.

  • Put the wallet address.

  • Select if your wallet is in the USA. If you are in the US, your wallets are also considered the US.

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