The EOS ICO was huge, but complicated. ZenLedger will help you keep track of everything.

Exchange Upload

Click the ZenLedger logo on the top left. 

Then click on Exchanges.

Then click on the dropdown and select each Exchange you have trades on. Follow the instructions on the right. 

Read the instructions to the right. ZenLedger generally just needs the API upload. Sometimes, it needs both API and CSV uploads- like with Bittrex. 

Wallet Upload

Click the ZenLedger logo on the top left. 

Then click on Wallets. Then, Go to Wallets in the center.

Click on the Desktop, Mobile, or Hardware wallet you used. 

Get the Receiving or Blockchain address for the wallet you want to upload. 

For EOS pre-ICO, just add the ERC20 address. 

For EOS post-ICO, go to the wallet you used, or “Other” wallet, Select from the dropdown, “EOS Main-Net” and enter the 12 character address, also known as the EOS account name.
Example: gq2denzqgege

If you need to, go to to enter an ETH address that starts with “0x” and the website will give you the 12 character account name that you need to input to ZenLedger. 

The ZenLedger Wallets interface has a “Previous” button on the bottom left that you may need to use if you have multiple wallets to upload. 

Verify the Transactions Uploaded

You can now go the Transactions tab. On the right you can enter “EOS” into the search field and verify that your EOS transactions loaded. 

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