To get Jaxx Liberty Wallet individual public receive addresses:

Select the three line menu (top right corner)
Click on "Tools"

Select Display Private Keys

Check the It's safe box and click View Private Keys

Select the relevant coin wallet (can repeat for multiple wallets), see xPub instructions below for importing multiple BTC blockchain coins.

Copy public address(es). Do not copy private keys. 

If you are given an option for "Account", "External", and "Internal", always select ACCOUNT. If Account is not an option, EXTERNAL is your choice.

Depending on your wallet settings, Jaxx may create a new wallet address for every transaction- which is a large accounting headache. Fortunately, we can create an XPUB address for some coins that are on the Bitcoin blockchain that will bring all of your transactions onto one address. You will select the "Account" xpub address.

This process works for:
-Bitcoin BTC
-Bitcoin Cash BCH
-Litecoin LTC
and other BTC-based coins.

Enter the "Account" BTC xpub address into the Wallet input page in ZenLedger.
Make sure you select BTC from the dropdown menu.

You will have to copy ALL xPubs with the copy button next to "xPub Keys" 

Then as shown below open a text document (Word, Notepad, TextEdit), and then you will just copy the ACCOUNT xpub (as of 2/23/20: this is the final xpub after the comma after you copy all and then paste into the document) into ZenLedger as shown below.

Check the XPUB address

You can check the xpub address to see if the transactions on the chain are correct here:

Regular Public Address
If your coin does not support BTC xPub, you can add your wallet's public address using the instructions above.

ETH and ERC-20 Coins:

We do not currently support Jaxx ETH xPub; Copy any ETH address individually (do NOT use copy all public addresses, review each one and copy and paste into ZenLedger individually!) that shows greater than 0 will import your ETH and ERC-20 coins.

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