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Jaxx Liberty xPub and Individual Wallet Addresses
Jaxx Liberty xPub and Individual Wallet Addresses
Finding Jaxx Liberty Addresses for import into ZenLedger
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Below you will find a detailed guide on finding and connecting your individual wallet addresses to your ZenLedger account. In this article, we will use the Chrome Extension Jaxx Liberty Wallet, but the instructions are essentially the same for all versions of the wallet.

  1. For Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), LiteCoin (LTC), and Dash Tokens

  1. From your browser click on the Jaxx Liberty Extension icon. [Open the app on your cellphone if you are using one].

  2. Click on the “hamburger icon” on the top right and select “Tools”.

3. Now click on the “Display Private Keys”.

5. Check on the “It's safe – noone else is looking” box and click on the “View Private Keys”.

6. Now click on each coin that you want to import transactions for. [The addresses are different for different blockchains.]

7. To copy the Xpub key click on the “double paper icon” on the right side where it says “Xpub keys”.

8. Paste that keys into a notepad. [Save it for the future]

NOTE: You will need to just copy the ACCOUNT xPub (as of 6/23/22: This is the final xPub after the comma after you copy all and then paste it into the document) into ZenLedger as shown below.

9. Now head back to your ZenLedger account and paste those keys into the wallet import section.

2. For ETH (and all ERC-20 altcoins), ETC, ZEC, and DOGE Tokens

  1. Copy any address for the supported coins and ETH/ERC-20 altcoins separately (DO NOT copy all public addresses; instead, review each one and copy and paste into ZenLedger individually!) that demonstrates greater than zero

  2. If they all show zero because you've transferred your coins out of JAXX, import the FIRST address (it may say External 0). Examine the transactions that come in, and if you don't see everything you'd expect, move on to the next address, and so on.

  3. Click on the “double paper icon” on the right side of the public address.

  4. Copy and paste your address into ZenLedger. Then click "Add Coin". If you have more than one address, repeat the process.

For all other coins in Jaxx Wallet: Please use a custom CSV

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