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On the ZenLedger website, you can get a lot of information about our products, features, and the benefits of using ZenLedger for your crypto tax needs.

At the top of our homepage, you will see different tabs for different sections: Products, Why ZenLedger?, Pricing, and Resources. You'll also see the option to Sign In or Sign Up.

Product Section:

  • Individual Tax Plans: This shows you our DIY crypto tax plans, as well as our options for tax professional plans.

  • Tax Professional Prepared Plans: This is where you can sign up to get your crypto and non-crypto taxes done by a trusted tax professional who we connect you with.

  • Tax Professional Suite: This helps our Tax Professional customers easily organize their client's cryptocurrencies separately into our system. Tax Professionals can sign up here.

Why ZenLedger Section:

  • Features & Forms: Shows all of the features we have that make ZenLedger different from the rest, as well as the tax forms ZenLedger generates.

  • Exchanges: Discover the wide range of exchanges and wallets we support via API or CSV.

  • How It Works: Introduction to how the ZenLedger software works.

  • Competitor Comparison: This shows you why ZenLedger is different, and how we support you the most.

Pricing Section:

  • Individual Plan Pricing: This shows you our plan tiers and their benefits for the self-prepared plans that you would handle on your own.

  • Tax Pro Prepared Plans: This shows you plan tiers for our fully prepared plans, which include having your cryptocurrency and regular taxes done for you all in one by a crypto tax firm that we trust.

Resources Section:

  • Our Blog: Visit our blog, where you can find many topics about cryptocurrency.

  • Crypto Tax Guides: Find comprehensive guides about cryptocurrency, tax-loss harvesting, NFT’s taxes, and DeFi taxes here.

  • Webinars: You can find all of our recorded webinars here.

  • Support: Troubleshoot common issues and learn more about our product with help from our support team. Chat live with our Customer Success Team from 9am-9pm EST 7 days a week.

Sign In Section:

  • Here you can sign in to your account via email and password, Coinbase, or Google.

Sign Up Section:

  • Shows you our top features, testimonials from our customers, and allows you to sign up here.

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