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How can I review past support chats?
How can I review past support chats?

Learn how to review past support chats in ZenLedger.

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If you've had a chat with a ZenLedger Customer Success representative, but closed the window or are coming back to work on your account after a few days (or even a year!), you can review past chats to see what was said. If you need assistance with something new, you can always start a new chat or search our Support Center.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Review Past Chats:

Step 1: Click the chat box button at the bottom right of the ZenLedger platform.

Step 2: On the bottom of the Help Center pop-up box, click Messages.

Step 3: From the Messages tab you can see all of your past support chats. By clicking 'Send us a message' at the bottom you can also start a new chat with our support team!

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