ZenLedger software is priced per year and is dependent on your total number of transactions and total asset values. 

The gist:

  • Creating an account is FREE. Use ZenLedger to import and aggregate your crypto transactions without paying a dime.

  • You only pay to view, download, and access tax reports each year.

  • Your pricing level may change from year-to-year depending on your crypto activity.

  • We don't bill as a subscription; there are no recurring charges.

  • Once you purchase access to tax reports, you have access to that year's tax reports FOREVER. Edit, revise, and re-calculate at any time.

Which plan should I choose?

After you import transactions, the system will calculate your number of transactions and the total FMV of assets to suggest an appropriate plan for you based on your actual data. This way, you pay for exactly what you need.

If you have less than 25 total transactions for a calendar year, your report is FREE and you will not encounter a pricing page.

NOTE: If you have Staking Coins (such as NEO, KCS, or Tezos), DeFi interest-bearing accounts (such as Celsius), or Margin Trading, you will automatically be prompted to purchase the Premium or Executive plans based on your transaction levels.

What happens when I exceed my plan limits?

As you import more transactions and gather all of your crypto records, you may find that the fair market value of your assets exceeds expectations or that you have entered more transactions than your plan allows.

The next time you visit the View Reports page, the system will automatically prompt you for an upgrade to the appropriate plan. Any amounts paid toward your original tier will be credited toward the new purchase, so you will only be charged the difference between the rates.


  • An upgrade to Executive ($399) from Starter ($49) will be $350.

  • Switching from Starter ($49) to Premium ($149) will be $100.

We support our Crypto-Industry peers! Employees of Crypto & Blockchain companies/exchanges can get a FREE account (pending annual affiliation verification).

CPAs also get free accounts to connect to & access clients' records.

See also: https://www.zenledger.io/pricing

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