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IRS filing:

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WARNING: If you decide to use our summary/aggregated TurboTax 8949 file that only reports one line for short-term and one line for long-term gains/losses- you still need to file or mail in your full 8949 to the IRS. Please consult a tax professional.

How To Download the TurboTax files?

To use TurboTax Online and import your form 8949, first log in to ZenLedger. Once you have created your reports, you can download your TurboTax files. You can download the files from Taxes > Tax Forms > IRS Form 8949.

Just click on “Download TurboTax files” and you will get a zip file.

To unzip the file:

Mac instructions:

PC/Windows instructions:

For TurboTax Online, use the CSV file.

For TurboTax Desktop, use the TXF file.

How to import it into TurboTax?

  1. Log into Turbotax

  2. Browse Income and Expenses → Investment and Saving → Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Mutual funds, Bonds, Other (1099-B)

3. Select No thanks

4. Select Continue

5. Select Enter a different way

6. Select Cryptocurrency → continue

7. Select Use a CSV file → Continue

8. Select Zenledger from the drop-down → Continue

9. Drag and drop your TurboTax file from Zenledger to TurboTax

If you are still having trouble, TurboTax has great support. Here's a thread to get you started on finding the Cryptocurrency section in Premier Edition!


  1. Why is Turbotax asking me to review all transactions? (US)

A review will appear from any source added to TurboTax (both OAuth and CSV) not only Zenledger. Users can skip the review section by selecting Continue without reviewing.

2. Why aggregated CSV?

TurboTax has limits on the numbers of transactions it can import, if it is more than their set number, we aggregate the file for the user.

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