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How do I sort and filter my transactions?
How do I sort and filter my transactions?

Can I see transactions broken down by exchange, date, or token?

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You can see all your transactions on the Transactions page and sort by any column (such as date, exchange, token, or type).

You can also filter the transactions that are viewable by exchange on the Transaction page by searching with the exchange/wallet name, the token symbol, the type of transaction, and/or the date. This is especially helpful when troubleshooting to:

  • see the movement of a certain token from purchase to sale or transfer;

  • see transactions that happened within a certain time frame;

  • see transactions on a certain exchange;

  • or a combination of any or all of the above.

Step-by-Step Instructions on how to Filter your Transactions:

Step 1: First you’ll want to get to the Transactions page. Navigate to Imports at the top of your account and then click Transactions.

Step 2: From the Transactions page, you can easily sort by Token/Address (blue arrow), Transaction Type (green arrow), Exchange (orange arrow), and/or Date (red arrows).

Step 3: Once you've entered the criteria you'd like to filter for, the transaction list below will automatically populate with the transactions that fit the selected criteria.


  • If you filter for Deposit or Withdrawal, an extra drop-down menu will appear that will give you the option to further specify the type of transaction you'd like to filter for. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to filter for Incoming transactions, which are adding up to your External Transfer number and being treated as taxable income.

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