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How to Use Your ZenLedger 8949 with TaxAct
How to Use Your ZenLedger 8949 with TaxAct

Learn how to import your crypto data from ZenLedger into TaxAct.

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The below instructions will guide you on how to get your yearly crypto data from ZenLedger into TaxAct. If you have any trouble with any of the steps outlined below, please contact ZenLedger support.

WARNING: if you decide to use our summary/aggregated TaxAct 8949 file that only reports one line for short-term and one line for long-term gains/losses- you still need to efile or mail in your full 8949 to the IRS. We recommend consulting a tax professional.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Import Your Data from ZenLedger into TaxAct:

Step 1: Once all of your tax calculations have been completed, click the Tax tab in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Locate the IRS Form 8949 section and click View.

Step 3: Give the form a few seconds to load and then click the TaxAct Files dropdown. From there, you click Download TaxAct CSV Files.

Step 4: TaxAct has made uploading this file very easy on their side with the Stock Data Import tool. The quickest way to find it is by using the search box in the Help Center.

Step 5: Click the CSV Import button on the Stock Data Import screen.

Step 6: Select the CSV you downloaded from ZenLedger and click Continue.

Step 7: TaxAct will give you a chance to review your input. Select all rows except the header row (with labels). TaxAct does a good job of identifying this row by default, but double-check that it is unselected. Click Continue once you have verified.

Step 8: Once the import screen has been processed, you can move on to the rest of your tax return. To verify the import, visit the Income section on the left sidebar and check the value of capital gains or losses.

Video Walk-Through:

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