What is the difference between a Tax Professional Plan and a DIY Plan?

Our most popular plan is our DIY Plan. This plan will allow you to import all of your wallets and exchanges on your own, and generating the reports necessary to give to your Tax Professional to file with your taxes. With the self-prepared plan, you will log into your various wallets and exchanges to gather the data we require. We give you step by step instructions for each wallet or exchange for how to import your data as well, making it easy for you. You will be able to review your account, reconcile transactions, and view your reports all on your own. You can also invite your Tax Professional into your account to review your transactions and reports you receive. Here at ZenLedger, we can help you to import your data and help you to reconcile, however we are not Tax Professionals and cannot give tax advice, log into your accounts, or gather your data for you.

Our Tax Professional Plan is our plan that allows you to work directly with a Tax Professional from Andrew Gordon Law Group, a Tax Law firm that we teamed up with that takes all of the work out of your hands! When you sign up for a Fully Prepared Plan, a Tax Professional from Andrew Gordon's team will reach out and work with you directly. They will be able to log into all of your exchanges and wallets, gather all of your data for you, import everything into ZenLedger, AND they handle both your regular taxes as well as your cryptocurrency taxes for you. Since they are Tax Professionals, they can advise you regarding your cryptocurrency and regular taxes.

Each plan has different level pricing tiers, which depend on how many transactions you have and the types of transactions you have, such as Staking or DeFi.

All of our tiers include: Audit Report, CPA Access, HIFO/FIFO/LIFO methods, Unlimited Exchanges, Crypto as Income, Mining or Donations, ICOs & AirDrops, Tax Loss Harvesting, FinCEN/FBAR Alert, and Turbo Tax Integration.

You can find more on our pricing here.

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