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Coinbase Pro API Import (Formerly GDAX)
Coinbase Pro API Import (Formerly GDAX)
The best way to import Coinbase Pro is with API
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To import Coinbase Pro, follow the steps below.

  • Log in into your Coinbase Pro account, hover the Account icon and click on API (

  • Copy your Passphrase and paste into ZenLedger

  • Name your API "ZenLedger" and Enable only "View" permission. No need to put anything in the whitelist. Click save.

  • Copy your Secret with as you will only see it on the next screen, and paste to ZenLedger.

  • Save the key, then go to your list of keys and copy the key and paste to ZenLedger.

We have created a video walkthrough to show you how to do this! Please click on the chat bubble on the lower right of your screen if you have questions.

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