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Instructions for importing Uniswap transactions including V2
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ZenLedger is proud to support not only Uniswap version 1 transactions, but the newly implemented Uniswap V2 Mainnet launch as part of our industry-leading DEX integrations. As of May 2020 at the time of the Uniswap V2 launch, we are the only cryptocurrency tax provider that offers this support.

If you are using Uniswap for your transactions, please use the instructions below to import your transactions:

  1. Login to Uniswap and copy your public receive addresses.

  2. Select your wallet type and choose the proper coin from the dropdown list.

  3. Paste in the receiving address you copied from the exchange into the wallet address field.

  4. If you are in the US, select "Yes" for wallet location.

  5. Then click the button for "Add Wallet."


  • If your wallet address starts with 0x, use ETH/ERC-20 from dropdown

  • If your wallet address starts with 1 or 3, select BTC from dropdown

If your wallet address starts with cosmos, use Cosmos(ATOM) from dropdown

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