Many customers use Coinbase for trades, and fortunately, it's the easiest exchange to import.

If you're logged into Coinbase, it's one click and you're done! Here’s how to import from Coinbase using the one-click method:

First click Add Account on your Dashboard so you can get to the Import page.

On the Import Transactions page under “Exchanges,” select Coinbase from the dropdown menu.

Then click the “Import with API” button from the two options given for Coinbase.

You will then be taken to the Coinbase website and asked to either first login to your Coinbase account if you are not already logged in, or immediately asked to authorize Zenledger to access your Coinbase account. Click on “Authorize” and you’re done!

You will then be taken back to Zenledger and your transactions will automatically begin importing onto our platform from Coinbase. (This may take some time to complete.)

If the One-Click API import doesn't work, here’s how to use the alternative method:

For this method, you’ll instead select Other API on the Import Transactions page.

You’ll then click the green link in the upper right hand side of the workflow, which will open Coinbase in a new tab.

Once on Coinbase you’ll click the button in the upper right that says “New API Key.” This will prompt a two factor authentication popup to appear.

Once you’ve completed the two factor authentication, another popup will appear with a number of options to select. Under the “Accounts” section, select “All” at the top of the list. Under the “Permissions” section, select every option with the word “Read.” After you’ve checked the proper selections, click the “create” button at the bottom of the popup.

A new popup window will appear with two long codes labeled API Key and API Secret. Copy and paste both of these codes into their respective boxes back on the Import Transaction page on Zenledger.

Finally click the Import Transaction button in the workflow. Your transactions will then immediately start importing!

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