The Snapshots feature in ZenLedger saves your progress. You can create your own snapshot at any point in time and label it.

It's handy for:

  • Making sure that a previous tax year's work is saved when importing new transactions

  • Ensuring that you can restore when uploading a troublesome wallet or CSV

  • Restoring from an accidental deletion

Here’s how to use the Snapshots feature to save your work, and how to restore a previous version of your ZenLedger account:

On the Import History page you’ll see the Snapshot button in the upper right corner. Click on this and the snapshot popup will appear.

From here you can name the version of your snapshot, choose if you want to snapshot only selected sources or all sources, and then click Save Snapshot. (This may take a minute to complete.)

After you save the snapshot, you can now restore your Zenledger account to a previous version by clicking on the Snapshot button which will now let down a dropdown list of your saved snapshots

A popup window will open once you select the version you would like to restore. You’ll see a warning that doing this will restore data for the selected source of the snapshot. Click “Continue” if you would like to proceed and that’s it, you’re done!

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