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How to import Gemini Exchange
How to import Gemini Exchange

Create an API key from Gemini to import into your ZenLedger account.

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Step-by-Step Instructions to Import Gemini API:

Step 1: Open the Gemini API ( page by clicking your name at the top right menu and selecting Settings.

Step 3: Click API on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Click Create a New API Key.

Step 4: Select Primary Scope, and click Create a New API key.

Step 5: Enter your 2 Factor Authentication Code, if prompted.

Step 6: In the API key settings, enable Auditor. Leave other options unchecked.

Step 7: Copy the secret key now, as you will not have an opportunity to later, and put it into ZenLedger (Go to Imports tab > search for Gemini in Exchange list).

Step 8: Copy your Gemini API key and paste it into ZenLedger.

Step 9: Click Confirm on the Gemini page.

Step 10: In ZenLedger, click Import Transactions once you have copied over the API information.

Video Walk-through:

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