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How to import BlockFi
How to import BlockFi
Step-by-step instructions to import BlockFi into ZenLedger
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The DeFi interest and lending platform BlockFi is surging in popularity in 2021.

Blockfi transactions can be imported using CSVs from Blockfi. It requires two types of CSV's: Trade CSV and a Transactions CSV.

Here's how to import your BlockFi activity into ZenLedger:

For Interest Transactions:

  • Login to BlockFi

  • On the BlockFi Homepage confirm you are on the dashboard

  • Scroll down to Transactions

  • Click on Type and select the following: Interest Payment, Crypto Transfer, ACH Return, ACH Transfer, ACH Withdrawal Return, Wire Transfer, Referral Payment & Bonus Payment

  • Click Apply

  • Click the download button to the right of Type. A CSV file will be generated

For Trade Transactions:

  • Login to BlockFi, click on your user icon

  • Select Reports

  • Scroll down to the bottom to Trading Section and click the download all button

Upload both CSVs to ZenLedger under the exchange tab and select BlockFi

Video Walkthrough:

If you have any questions, please reach out via the chat button on the lower right-hand side of your ZenLedger screen and a friendly Customer Success representative will guide you!

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