Inside your ZenLedger holdings, if you are seeing a gain in smaller or larger portions then there should be transactions that need to be reconciled. In order to get your reports right make sure of the following first:

  1. Import of all your respective historical transaction data from the respective wallets/exchanges that you’ve ever traded on.

  2. After complete import of your transactions, from your dashboard head over to Imports > Transactions.

  3. Under Transactions check if there are any transactions under “Sell Without Buy” or “Needs Review”.

  4. If there are transactions under “Needs Review” then you will need to edit and update those transactions with the right USD equivalent amount at the time of trade.

  5. If there are transactions under “Sell Without Buy” then there is the possibility all your transactions are not imported yet. Or there are duplicate transactions that you need to remove. Please refer to this article to troubleshoot ‘Sell Without Buy’.

If you are still experiencing incorrect reports even after following these steps, please feel free to contact our support team.

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