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My coupon is expiring, but I am not finished importing.
My coupon is expiring, but I am not finished importing.

How to prepay for a plan to lock in your savings.

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We offer many promotions during the year, but they typically have an expiration date. Normally you'll pay for the appropriate plan once you finish importing your sources. This way, the system can calculate and recommend the best plan for your account.

If your coupon code is about to expire and you'd like to lock in the promotional rate before you finish importing your sources, follow these steps!

Step 1: Click the purple "Choose Plan" button in the top right corner:

Step 2: Select the plan and year that fits best and select the desired year(s) for your plan:

Step 3: Enter your credit/debit card details (or select to pay with Bitpay). Then enter a valid coupon code by selecting the Coupon Code box.

Step 4: Select Pay and complete the purchase! You will receive an email confirmation/receipt within minutes. The new purchase should appear on your Billing history within your Account Settings.

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