When your reports have not been refreshed in a while, you might notice:

  • The wrong year at the top of tax forms

  • No Tax Results displaying in your taxes tab

  • Capital Gains/Losses are incorrect

  • Holdings are incorrect

Instructions to run fresh reports:

To refresh the reports, begin at the Add Account page by clicking the Imports tab, and selecting "Add Account":

You can also see it in the "Taxes" tab, at the top right corner of the page:

Click the orange Next Step arrow in the top right corner.

Click the green Tax Calculation button in the top right corner.

You may run into a page that states you have Probable Missing Data. You can select "Just Show My Report" to view your taxes. You CAN go back to review those issues later after running fresh reports.

If you select "Resolve Now", you will then see the issues in your account that our system is flagging for you to resolve. From this page, you will want to select "Finished" to finish running fresh reports.

You can then view your reports by clicking either Dashboard or Taxes via your navigation bar!

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