(UPDATE as of March 8, 2021)

Bittrex API is now available for deposits and withdrawals ONLY. Bittrex Trade History is still imported via CSV. The instructions below have been updated to reflect this change.

NOTICE: If you have Closed Deposits, Closed Withdrawals, or Full Orders files imported for Bittrex, please remove those files to prevent transaction duplication.

To produce complete and accurate reports from Bittrex data, you'll need to follow two steps:

  1. Download Bittrex Trade History CSV's, and

  2. Connect Bittrex API for deposits and withdrawals.

Step 1: Download Bittrex Order History CSV:

  • To download the CSV full transaction history from Bittrex simply log into Bittrex.

  • Then click on "Orders" in the top right.

  • Then click on "Download Complete History" in the center of the page.

  • Drag and Drop that file into ZenLedger. 

  • You do not need Order History files for years you have not traded.

Step 2: Import Bittrex Withdrawal and Deposit History via API:

  • Open the Bittrex Api Key Section page.

  • Click the Add New Key button.

  • Enable the READ INFO permission for the new key.

  • Click Save.

  • Copy the Key and Secret and paste into ZenLedger under Exchanges and Bittrex.

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