Update 01/02/2020: Bittrex API is not available for the forseeable future. Bittrex activity is now CSV only. The instructions below have been updated to reflect this change.

To produce complete and accurate reports from Bittrex data, you'll need to import  a minimum of 3 files:

1. Trade History

Source: Download from Bittrex account (instructions below)
File Name Example: BittrexOrderHistory_[year].csv - see instructions at the bottom of this article

2. Withdrawals 

Source: Request from Bittrex customer service (instructions below)
File Name Example: [email-email.com]_closed_withdrawals_[date].csv

3. Deposits

Source: Request from Bittrex customer service (instructions below)
File Name Example: [email-email.com]_closed_deposits_[date].csv

We DO NOT need the Closed Orders file from Bittrex Customer Support.

PLEASE NOTE: When you recieve the email back from Bittrex Support, you will have to click on each file to download them from the Bittrex Support Portal. The files that are in the email you receive are just placeholders for the real thing, so it won't work to drag them directly from the email into ZenLedger.

When you're done, your Transaction Sources page should look something like this:

Request Files from Bittrex Customer Service:

2. Complete the form as follows:


Please send me an export of my closed deposit and closed withdrawal history so that I can calculate my tax obligations. My Bittrex username is <your-Bittrex-username>. Thank you.

3. Attach a verification photo to the support request. 

Bittrex will ask you to prove your identity, so be proactive and have an image prepared that shows your state or federal identification (such as a driver's license or passport.) Attach it to the support request before sending to expedite your request.

Download Bittrex Trade History CSV:

  • To download the CSV full transaction history from Bittrex simply log into Bittrex.
  • Then click on "Orders" in the top right.
  • Then click on "Download Complete History" in the center of the page.
  • Drag and Drop that file into ZenLedger. 
  • You do not need Trade History files for years you have not traded.

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