Have you exceeded your current plan or need a higher plan for your crypto tax calculation? Depending on your number of transactions or type, you can change your ZenLedger plan at any moment by doing the following steps:

  1. From your ZenLedger dashboard click on “Select Plan” at the top-right navigation bar and choose your required plan.

    [NOTE: if you’ve already exceeded your current plan ZenLedger will automatically take you to the Plan Page frequently while doing tax calculations and other actions.]

  2. Once you select the required plan, a popup checkout window will appear. Now just enter your billing details and click on the “Pay” button.

If you have a coupon code you can also redeem it by checking on the “Coupon Code” right after entering your billing details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I mistakenly purchased a higher plan. How can I downgrade my subscription?

-> In such a case, you can contact our support team and they will take care of it.

  • I’ve transactions of less than 100 but ZenLedger is still asking me to upgrade my plan. Why?

-> Apart from the number of transactions, ZenLedger also determines your subscription based on the type of transaction you do. If you are dealing in NFTs/DeFi/Staking/Margin Trading then you will at least need our Premium Plan for tax calculation.

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