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Will you auto-renew my subscription?
Will you auto-renew my subscription?
When will I be charged again?
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When you sign up for ZenLedger and pay for your plan, we will automatically subscribe you to automatic billing which will be automatically charged to your card on file every year on either December 14th, 2022 or January 18th, 2023. You will be notified via email 7 days prior to the renewal charge.

The card on file will be charged based on the amount of transactions you have for that tax year, and if you go over the tier you are in later on, our system will prompt you to upgrade. If you used a forever coupon code last year, it will apply automatically as well. This means if you're a Palm Beach or Castle subscriber, your discount will be automatically applied. This does NOT include a one time coupon code, or a multiyear coupon code.

You can check your Billing settings at any time by navigating to the upper right-hand corner, and selecting the drop-down next to your user icon.

Once you select "Billing" from the drop-down, you will then see your billing details, such as the card on file, and the years you have subscribed. You will also see a box that says "Cancel Subscription".

When you cancel your subscription, you are canceling the auto-billing, not the year(s) you've previously subscribed to, or the reports you have purchased in the past. If you click on "Cancel Subscription", you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you wish to cancel. You can either confirm or deny this at this step.

If you do cancel, you will still have the option to subscribe if you wish as well.

Once you select Enable Subscription, it will then confirm that you wish to do this.

If you have questions or need additional help, let us know!

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