Depending on your wallet settings, Jaxx may create a new wallet address for every transaction- which is a large accounting headache. Fortunately, we can create an XPUB address for some coins that will bring all of your transactions onto one address.

This process works for:
-Bitcoin BTC
-Bitcoin Cash BCH
-Litecoin LTC

Jaxx Liberty

  1. Login to the Jaxx Desktop app
  2. Select the three line dropdown menu in the top right corner
  3. Select View Backup Phrase
  4. Check the "It's safe" box and click "View Backup Phrase"

Create an Xpub Address
Next you will go to and create your xpub address with the following steps:  

If you decide to use this tool or any other online tool for this be sure to do your own diligence to ensure the tool is safe. We did not develop this so we have’t checked its code.

Also be sure to run it offline, as in load it up in your browser, disconnect your internet connection. Check and generate your XPub and then close down the tab, reboot your computer and only then reconnect the internet connection.

Go to and input your Jaxx seed phase in the BIP39 Mnemonic box. 

Select the COIN you wish to create an xpub address for. BTC, BCH, LTC, and Dash are currently supported.

Press "enter"

Scroll down to the Derivation Path Section.
Select the "BIP32" tab. Then select "" from the Client dropdown menu. 

Now select the "BIP44" tab.

Then look at your "Account Extended Public Key" and copy that. Paste it into ZenLedger in the wallets interface.

Go Back to
Now enter the BTC xpub address generated from the BIP44 Extended Key field into the Wallet input page in ZenLedger.
Make sure you select the correct coin type from the dropdown menu.
If you created an xpub address, make sure you select a "xpub" option from the dropdown.

Check the XPUB address

You can check the xpub address to see if the transactions on the chain are correct here:

Regular Public Address
If your coin or wallet does not support xPub, you can add your wallet's public address. If you have other coins in cold wallets which we do not yet support, please let us know which ones so we can prioritize adding local wallet support for those blockchains. In the short term, you can mark any outgoing/incoming transaction from an exchange to a non-tracked cold/local wallet as a "Self Transfer" using the down arrow next to the transaction from the Transactions tab.

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