Hi, the Bittrex API is not working for tax reporting purposes. So, we are asking you to contact Bittrex customer support to request your Full Withdrawal history and Full Deposit history. 

You can also get your full Trade history from the Orders tab.

In all, we will need three files from Bittrex.

  1. FullOrder (this is your trade history)
  2. Closed Deposits
  3. Closed Withdrawals

We DO NOT need the Closed Orders file from Bittrex Customer Support. 

To make the request from Bittrex Customer Service

1. Go to https://bittrex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us to click Submit a Request.

2. Complete the form.

For “Please choose your issue below” choose General Support Request.
For “Subject” enter Download Complete Transaction History
For “Description” enter the following:

Please send me an export of my deposit, order, and withdrawal history so that I can calculate my tax obligations. My Bittrex username is <your-Bittrex-username>. Thank you.

Bittrex will then reply requesting you to prove your identity. You may simply want to send the requested photo with your data request first off.

Their instructions will be:

"Please provide a government identification and a photo of you holding the identifications where we can match your face and information. Please also write Bittrex and today's date on a piece of paper and hold it in the picture. Please make sure the text on your ID is readable in all photos.

Note: This means we need all 3 things in 1 photo. You, your ID, and the paper with Bittrex and the date on it. Also we do not accept .pdf files, or links to files."

Bittrex Full Orders CSV

To download the CSV full transaction history from Bittrex simply log into Bittrex.
Then click on "Orders" in the top right.
Then click on "Download Complete History" in the center of the page.
Drag and Drop that file into ZenLedger. 

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