We highly recommend you use the One Click API authorization between ZenLedger and Coinbase. This is a quick and secure what to get your Coinbase transactions into ZenLedger with READ ONLY access. 

If you would like to manually set up an API then:

1) Log in into your Coinbase and go to this link (https://www.coinbase.com/settings/api)

2) Click on '+ New API Key' to create a new key

3) Enable all accounts you would like to check. We recommend to check all so read all of the necessary transactions across the different coins. 

4) See the screenshot at the bottom of this email for all checkboxes that need to be selected with a “read" permission level.

5) Double check you have selected the correct checkboxes

6) Enter your generated and secret API keys from coinbase into the ZenLedger dashboard, via the “Exchanges” tab. 

7) Select “Import with API” after selecting “Coinbase” from the Exchange dropdown. 

Here is what your Secret Key will look like:

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