Microsoft Excel does some strange things with formatting cells. We recommend you create these spreadsheets in Google Sheets or Mac Numbers if possible.
You can always send us these files in the support chat or email to us at if you need help.

Please keep in mind:
The IN and OUT are from the perspective of the wallet or account. So if I you are making a custom csv for a wallet and you send 1 BTC to the wallet from Coinbase and then 0.5 BTC out to Binance from your wallet- you would record “ 1.0 BTC IN 0.5 BTC OUT

To get to the Upload CSV screen and get your sample file:
Click “import more transactions” on the dashboard, then select the “Custom CSV Upload” tab. Then follow the steps listed.
Click “Format” in step 1 for an example format.

Timestamp, Column 1:
Must be on UTC. Make sure you add AM/PM or put this in 24 hr time and no "AM/PM". 

Type, Column 2:
These are the only category options for Column 2. Do not enter "Gift" or "Self Transfer". You make those changes one the CSV is uploaded.

Buy: Crypto currency is bought using Fiat(USD).

Sell: Crypto currency is sold for Fiat(USD).

Trade: Exchange from one Crypto currency to other. Coin to Coin trade.

Receive: Crypto currency is received from an account that is not yours (income, mining, gift, airdrop, fork, etc).

Send: Crypto currency is sent to an account that is not yours (business expense, gift, etc).

Fee: if you do not know the fee you can leave it blank and our system will calculate this for you. 

US Based: this is just a "Yes" or "No" question. Note that Binance, Bitfinex, Kucoin, and Huobi are based outside the US among with several other exchanges. Your wallets are in your possession so if you are in the US, your wallets generally are too.

Here is a video walkthrough of how to create a custom csv.

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